The regular maintenance for heat pump

//The regular maintenance for heat pump

The regular maintenance for heat pump

Unit Electric Maintenance

The system must be equipped with special used power source, and voltage can not be more or less than 10% of rated voltage and rated current is 1.5 times of system running current, automatic air switch is strongly recommended.

The unit should be ground connected rightly, and check power supply regularly.

Please don’t on and off the unit very frequently, at most 4 times in one hour.

Usually check unit power and electricity system connection is firm, electric components are in normal status, if anything wrong, should maintain or replace in time.

Unit parameters that need to be set are all set ready by manufacturer before delivery..

Outdoor heat pump

The regular maintenance for heat pump LINSAM

If unit needs to stop running for a long time, please exhaust water in machine and water pipes, and 12 hours needed for unit be power connected before starting the system. If unit doesn’t need to run for short time, it should not power off to let the compressor preheat.

In winter, if unit stops heating running, it would carry out defrost function automatically, so please keep heat pump power supplied.

Always keep the heat exchange environment in good condition, and timely cleaning for heat exchanger is recommended

Regular inspection of system running voltage, temperature, pipe connection and valves is recommended.

Water system

The system circulation water should be good quality water, timely inspection and clean the water filter to ensure sufficient water flow.

Water system should be equipped with water filter, if bad water quality of local, it will need water treatment before replenishing water to water tank. Soft water is suggested.

Make sure to check the replenish water and exhaust air devices are running normally, and no air in water system to keep sufficient water flow in water pipes.

Normally, water tank need to be cleaned after use for a period of 12 months, it depends on water quality.

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