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Product Description

Geothermal heat pump (also called ground source heat pump) is a central heating and cooling system that transfers heat from the ground. It uses the earth all the time, as a heat source in the winter do heating or hot water, or  a heat sink in the summer do cooling. This design takes advantage of the moderate temperatures in the ground to boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling systems. Compared air to water heat pumps, geothermal heat pump work performance more stable.

Our innovative, high quality and intelligent controlled heat pumps have the characteristics of integrated design, modular installation, energy saving, easy maintenance and long life span. Every heat pump is manufactured and designed to optimize your intended uses. It get general tested as 36 hours seal test and water heating performance test, control system adjusted well before the shipment.

Specifications of heat pump

 Heating capacity KW10.81617.621.5283543.2
 Input power KW2.63.53.684.5867.439.24
 Hot water output T/h0.230.350.370.460.60.750.93
 Input current A11.25/4.7518/77.49.1610.214.8618.48
 Max running current A17.1/7.528.2/111216202432
 Rated/Max outlet water temp55℃ / 60℃
 Rated cooling capacity KW8.511.514.117.52327.132.9
 Power source220V 1N 50HZ- or 380V-3N 50HZ380V-415V/3N//50HZ
 Noise level dB(A)<53<55<60<60<63<63<66
 Unit size W×D×H cm62*72*6068*80*7280*108*105
 Unit net weight KG120145145155210220240
 Working temp range-20℃ to +43℃
 Water temp control precise±2℃
 Connection pipe sizeDN20DN25DN32
 Producing modeHeating only mode or heating/cooling mode optional
 CoverGalvanized steel casing painting white or Stainless steel casing optional
 CompressorHermetically sealed scroll compressor(Sanyo, Copeland, Daikin optional)
 RefrigerantR417A, R407C,R410A optional
 ThrottleElectronic expansion valves/thermostatic expansion valves optional
 EvaporatorHigh efficient spiral copper tube in tube heat exchanger
 CondenserHigh efficient spiral copper tube in tube heat exchanger
 ControllerLCD controller easy operation

Heat pump performance (COP)

The performance of a heat pump at a set temperature condition is referred to as the coefficient of performance (COP). It is defined as the ratio of heat delivered by the heat pump and the electricity supplied to the compressor.

Higher COPs equate to lower operating costs. More higher COP, more energy saving.

COP is highly dependent on operating conditions, as to the ambient temperature condition, the COP data varies. This is Linsam heat pump COP chart, it at 7℃/35℃ COP of 4, which is produced according to standard of CE and EN14511.

Comparison of different heating method

NameIf environment friendlySafetyService lifePractical
heat pumpYesYes10-15 yearsStable and sufficient water supply
Solar heaterYesYes5-8 yearsEffected by sun
Electric heaterYesYes5-8 yearsNeed to preheat
Gas heaterHeavy pollutionDangerous5-8 yearsStable and sufficient water supply
Oil heaterHeavy pollutionDangerous5-8 yearsStable and sufficient water supply

Features of heat pump

  • High-efficient scroll compressor Copeland / Sanyo / Daikin.
  • R410A or R407C or R417A refrigerant.
  • Base frame external panels made of polyester powder coated steel or stainless steel.
  • Reverse cycle valve.
  • Water flow switch built in.
  • Heating only mode or heating / cooling mode optional.
  • Compact structure and sound control design.
  • Water side and user side equipped with efficient tube in tube heat exchanger.
  • Careful protection functions as high pressure. low pressure, overheating, overload, anti-freezing, phase order, discharge temp, etc.
  • Intelligent controller adjustment by quick-mind microprocessor.
  • General testing and operational test carried out for every unit before package in the factory