Central heating troubleshooting for LINSAM Heat Pumps

//Central heating troubleshooting for LINSAM Heat Pumps

Central heating troubleshooting for LINSAM Heat Pumps

The heat pump technology is the same of air conditioners, be aware, anyway. The performance of heat pumps may fall short of the expected, due to poor installation and maintenance.

Though basic heat pump service is a DIY task, heat pumps need to be professionally serviced. Have a competent technician to service your heat pump every 2 or 3 years. That’s important for energy-efficiency, and to prevent problems.

Checking the airflow of a heat pump is not as easy as checking that of a furnace, and requires special instruments (HAVC technicians use anemometers or pilot tubes).

LINSAM heat pump LAN06

Air-Flow Problems

Heat pumps require a proper air-flow, often estimated at 375 to 425 cfm per ton of heating capacity. They are very sensitive to low-airflow, much more than furnaces. They need to move a much larger volume of air than furnaces, and many installers (used to working with furnaces) do not take it into account and do not size correctly the ducts, leading to structural low-airflow problems that are difficult to solve.

Obviously, there are other factors – besides structural factors – that can also interfere with the airflow, and that are easier to solve: dirty filters, blocked air filters…

Refrigerant Charge

Heat pumps are also very sensitive to refrigerant charge, and many systems – even when serviced regularly – are wrongly charged. Once again, many technicians are not knowledgeable enough, and are not able to correctly diagnose and solve over- and under-charging refrigerant problems, all the more that refrigerant charge and the airflow are in close relationship.

Dirty Filters And Coils

Blocked filter and dirty coils are a common cause of problems; blocked filters can cause the unit to shut down for lack of proper airflow. Filters should be changed regularly, typically monthly during the heating season.

Also do not forget to keep the outdoor coil free of snow and debris.

LINSAM LAN06 heatpump

Problems Caused By Wind

The location of the heat pump outdoor unit affects its efficiency. Should protect outdoor units from high winds. To avoid frosting problems, consider protecting the outdoor unit by using strategically located bushes or fences.

Current Problems

– check return air grilles to make sure they aren’t blocked by furniture or other things.
– Make sure all supply air grilles and make sure they are open and blowing air.
– Checking the thermostat settings.
– Do the circuit breakers at the heat pump electrical panel to make sure they are “On”; check other switches, to be sure that they are also in the “On” position.

The 2018 cold whether of winter comes, we have a soft reminder for  LINSAM air source heat pumps installed, you need to care when temp minus degree at night, so please keep heat pump power connected, itself can do automatic anti-freeze and defrosting.

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